East Galway Family History Society Co. Ltd.

Woodford Heritage Centre

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About Us

The East Galway Family History is based in the Woodford Heritage Centre building: a former primary school dating back to 1834 located on Barkhill, at the southern end of Woodford village.

The centre is also used by the local community for various activities and courses including Community Group meetings, Hospice Coffee mornings, Baptismal, Beginners Irish & Pilates courses, First Aid courses – Basic to Intermediate levels with the Irish Red Cross.


The East Galway Family History Society, set up in 1991 was established for the purposes of providing a genealogical service, as well as promoting tourism, business and heritage awareness in the area.  The research area covers thirty-seven separate Roman Catholic parishes, or sixty-seven civil parishes.  This area includes such notable Galway towns as Portumna, Loughrea, Gort and Ballinasloe.  The Society is a ‘not-for-profit’ organisation with all profits being used to enhance and improve the services provided by

the Society for the local community.  The Society has extensive experience in genealogical research with a large array of sources to draw upon including church and state records, land surveys, pension returns, trade directories, roll books, ordnance survey maps and many others pertaining to individual parishes.

The Society has an experienced team of researchers who offer free consultations, advice and undertake free searches of the centre’s in-house bespoke databases.  Based on the searches undertaken and corresponding results, the researchers can provide copies of individual records or compile in-depth family history reports to suit the client’s needs at extremely competitive rates.  The Society has carried out genealogical research on behalf of a considerable number of clients over the years.  People from countries such as the USA, New Zealand, Canada, Mauritius, Hong Kong, Japan, UK and so forth have availed of the research services available at the centre.  In recent years the Society has scanned and archived historical photographs donated by the local community and has published these photographs in the form of annual calendars to date.